1957 Bugatti 57S Pacifica


1957 Bugatti 57S Pacifica for sale!

The name Bugatti will always turn heads in the collector car market. One of the most beautiful designs ever to grace a Bugatti was on the 1957 Bugatti 57S Pacifica, a classic reproduction you see here. It is being offered for sale by Old Forge Motorcars, a member of the Cars On Line Dealer Network in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

This stunning reproduction of Ralph Lauren’s 1957 Bugatti 57S Pacifica was meant as a tribute to Jean Bugatti’s classic marque, not necessarily an exact duplicate. It, in fact, has upgraded features found on today’s modern sports cars. For instance, it is propelled by a BMW V-12 engine and the BMW 4-speed automatic transmission. Utilizing a composite body, the Pacific sits on a custom steel tube chassis by Fatman Fabrications. It also has a 127″ wheelbase with more room for the driver and passenger. The black basecoat/clearcoat body is complemented by 19″ Dayton wheels.

If you are interested in this incredible Bugatti tribute you must hurry. Even as we were publishing this newsletter, Old Forge Motorcars put a “Sale Pending” slash across the page.

1937-Bugatti-575-Pacifica  1937-Bugatti-575-Pacifica

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