1935 Morgan Barrel Back


1935 Morgan Barrel Back For Sale

This 1935 Morgan Barrel Back was built in 1994 to the exact specs as the original 1935 Morgan. It has all the metal tubular and wood understructure and all machine-turned stainless steel upper sheet metal with mahogany trim around the cockpit. The fenders turn with the wheels.

1935-morgan-barrel-back-01 1935-morgan-barrel-back-02 1935-morgan-barrel-back-03

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One Response to 1935 Morgan Barrel Back

  1. Martyn March 27, 2016 at 12:22 pm #

    A very inaccurate replica. Looks little like what it is supposed to be and stainless steel was not used at all on these cars. Ditto mahogany. Engine turning was limited to some dashboards, and the dash on the ‘replica’ looks nothing like a Morgan one.

    Control wise, again very unoriginal as there should be a hand throttle, hand advance, and a hand air (choke) lever mounted on the steering wheel.

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