Top 10 Most Popular Classic Cars – August


Dodge Chargers and Ford Take Top 10

Once again, Mopars have captured the attention of internet buyers! Dodge Chargers took the lead on our “Top 10 Most Popular” list for muscle cars, claiming 17.35 percent of internet searches (See our Mopar Section). Each month the Cars On Line staff analyzes statistics from online search engines in order to understand consumer trends. Camaros remained steady in second with 7.94 percent of internet searches, while Corvettes held onto third with 5.53 percent of searches. You’ll note Pontiac Firebirds jumped to sixth place after being in last on our previous Top Ten so there must be a pent up demand for Firebirds. View the Top Ten Muscle Cars below!


It was no surprise to see Ford dominate the classic car market again. According to Bing search engine statistics, 41.24 percent of classic car buyers were in pursuit of something built by the Ford Motor Company (See our Ford Section). Once again, the Ford Model A was the vehicle driving the most interest, as it made up 18.7 percent of internet searches. Things remained relatively unchanged for the rest of the classic car rankings; however, you’ll notice a newcomer – Plymouth – has made an appearance on our Top Ten list this time around. We believe this is because more buyers are looking for classic ’50s and ’60s Plymouth models.

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