2014 Trans Am 7T7


2014 Trans Am 7T7 for sale!

“This car is absolutely gorgeous and super fast!” says Carlyle Motors of this 2014 “Trans Am” from Houston, Texas. The ad reports the 2014 Trans Am 7T7 is the Serial #3 car from Trans Am Depot and Kevin Morgan Designs. The Aqua Blue beauty is fully equipped with T-Tops, custom interior, and a reverse opening hood with the iconic Trans Am hood emblem. What’s more, we’re told the engine is custom dyno tuned and pushing 570+ rear wheel horsepower.

2014-Trans-Am-7T7  2014-Trans-Am-7T7  2014-Trans-Am-7T7

This 2014 Trans Am 7T7 was a standout among the Late Model Sports Car listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Late Model Sports Cars for sale. Or check out the Late Model Sports Car Section of the Cars On Line website for hundreds more for sale.

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