2014 CRC Camaro, Chevrolet Certified Race Chassis for Camaros At The COPO Plant

2014 CRC Camaro

Modern day NHRA Super Stock racing is high tech and highly volatile. Just in the nick of time, here is the 2014 CRC Camaro to simplify the process. GM Performance has been selling a limited number of Chevrolet Certified Race Chassis (CRC) Camaros the past two years, built at the COPO plant. The black 2014 CRC Camaro you see here is serial number 001. The build was completed for Dennis Collins from the TV show Gas Monkey Garage. It comes with COPO 427 engine mount bracket, transmission converter flexplate valve cover breather, intake starter kit, and many of the driveline components. Click here for more info on the 2014 CRC Camaro

GM Performance has been producing a small number of Chevrolet Certified Race Chassis for Camaros at the COPO Camaro plant. From 2012 through 2014, Chevrolet produced 69 COPO Camaros each year. In addition to the regular COPO run at the plant they also produced a limited number of Certified Race Chassis (CRC) Camaros in 2013 and 2014. Only 20 such CRC Camaros were produced in 2013 and all were white in color. In 2014 they produced 18 CRC Camaros, all black.

At the COPO plant, Camaros are cut, welded and then built as 9 second drag race cars with NHRA certified roll cages. In addition to drilling out over 300 spot welds, about 150 lbs of steel is removed as the unibody is prepared. The front and rear subframes are tied, and the regular Camaro IRS is replaced with live rear axles. All that is needed to complete a CRC Camaro is to add your engine of preference, transmission and driveline components.

In a tribute to the legendary Fred Gibb, Chevrolet has been building 69 COPO Camaros each year at Chevrolet’s COPO plant just outside of Detroit. Back in 1969 Fred Gibb used a special ordering system called the Central Office Production Order (COPO) system to order almost race ready 427 big block Camaros from Chevrolet. Gibb ordered 69 ZL1 Camaro’s through the COPO ordering system even though Chevrolet never offered them through their sales program.

The retro COPO Camaro program cars were so popular that they are sold out every year. They do not have regular VIN numbers, but instead have serialized CRC numbers. They cannot be licensed or titled for street use. They are race cars only. Each is outfitted with an NHRA approved roll cage, plus other safety equipment. Each has NHRA racing chasis and suspension, brakes and a solid rear axle. They come with Bogart racing wheels with Hoosier tires.

Collins says he has three of these CRC Camaro cars for sale. Click here to view the other black 2014 CRC Camaro race chassis featured in this week’s newsletter.

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