Chevrolet Replacing Ford as Top Collector


After spending years in the top spot, Ford has finally been dethroned. Chevrolets took the lead on our “Top Ten Most Popular” list for classic cars, claiming 40.82 percent of internet searches (see our Chevrolet Section) in the past thirty days. The Chevrolet Impala was the vehicle driving the most interest, as it made up 39.58 percent of searches. Moving into second was the former top manufacturer, Ford, with 30.93 percent of searches. Things remained relatively unchanged for the rest of the classic car rankings. You’ll note Nash has reappeared on the Top Ten after being absent last month.


Once again Mopars have captured the attention of internet buyers! Dodge Chargers took the lead on our “Top Ten Most Popular” list for muscle cars, claiming 14.35 percent of internet searches (See our Mopar Section) in the last 30 days. Each month the Cars On Line staff analyzes statistics from online search engines in order to understand consumer trends. Camaros remained steady in second place with 11.43 percent of internet searches, while Corvettes held onto third with 7.43 percent of searches. View the Top Ten Muscle Cars above!

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