1936 Ford “Extended Cab” Pickup


1936 Ford “Extended Cab” Pickup Video!

There’s over 100 pictures available for this 1936 Ford “Extended Cab” Pickup in the ad by Vanguard Motor Sales of Plymouth, Michigan, but they’ve produced an amazing video as well. First thing they do is start it up for a walk-around, and it’s a true beauty with a custom aluminum grill, phenomenal paint work, and an incredible fit and finish. It has a custom tailgate, beautiful wood floor, and even a linear actuator that raises the lid of the built-in storage box. This thing’s really cool.

1936-Ford-Extended-Cab-Pickup  1936-Ford-Extended-Cab-Pickup  1936-Ford-Extended-Cab-Pickup

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This 1936 Ford “Extended Cab” Pickup was a standout among the video listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Videos.

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