DEALof the DAY 1970 Camaro SS

1970 Camaro SS

Sure, there are a lot of buyers hunting down every last ’69 Camaro on the planet. But, think about it. The 1970 Camaros were better cars with a totally different body style and they have1970 Camaro SSthe look and stance of a muscle car. Here is a 1970 Camaro SS from Classical Gas Enterprises in Texas. They describe it as a driver class car. “It is showing its age in a few spots,” they tell us. “But it is still a solid car. It has a fresh coat of Cortez Silver with dual black stripes.” You gotta love the way those Silver Legend series Vision wheels look on this car with the Nitto NT450 tires. It will be our DEAL of the DAY on Saturday. Are you sitting down? ‘Cause the asking price is only $14,500. Have it inspected … quick!

In 1970 Chevrolet did a complete redesign of the Camaro that still had the same muscle car style but a largely different look.  The second gen cars were slightly longer, lower and wider than previous years and convertible cars were no longer available.  They had the same basic mechanics as the 1st generation but the Chevrolet engineers have been quoted saying this is more of a drivers car.  Chevrolet also had more of a budget for these cars given the success of previous years and the production was not as rushed.  This gave them time to create what would become just as popular as their 1st gen.  Some changes in this year included the fastback roofline with no quarter windows, wider doors for better rear seat access, a redesigned nose, pull up door handles, dual taillights and much more.  These were actually the first Camaro’s offered with a rear stabilizer bar. 

The 1970 you see here is a great example of the first of the 2nd generation cars and is a nice classic.  It is showing its age in a few spots but is still a solid car.  It has a fresh coat of Cortez Silver with dual Black stripes running down the center.  The chrome front and rear bumpers have a nice shine as does the window trim.  The car has a great stance and has that tough muscle car look which is accentuated further with the new dark Silver legend series Vision Wheels with new Nitto NT450 tires.

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