1947 Ford Custom Lead Sled


1947 Ford Custom Lead Sled for sale!

The hot cars in the street rodding hobby are the early customs done in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This week a hot rodder from Blue Jay, California posted a great deal of history on his 1947 Ford Custom Lead Sled, a famous car back in the day known as “The Gooney Bird” in tribute to the World War II C47/DC-3 of the same name.

This is not a replica or a tribute to a legendary car, this is the car! It won its first award in 1958, and has been recognized multiple times during its long heritage of car shows and featured magazine articles. This car was recognized by George Barris as being of such high quality design that he placed his Barris Kustom crest on the car. There are eighteen custom body mods alone listed on the ad page. You’ll count ten more custom interior design modifications. And there are fourteen more upgrades to the suspension and drivetrain.

An extensive history is shared with our readers in the ad page online. Having been restored again in 1997, the car has had an engine swap to an upgraded 4.6L Ford GT motor in 2009. Today, 57 years after the original custom build the seller says “the body lines are still beautiful and the car runs flawlessly.” For the true kustom car connoisseur, this is a significant find.

1947-Ford-Custom-Lead-Sled   1947-Ford-Custom-Lead-Sled   1947-Ford-Custom-Lead-Sled

This 1947 Ford Custom Lead Sled was a standout among the Classic Custom listings in the Cars On Line Newsletter this week. Click here to see more Classic Customs for sale. Or check out the Classic Customs Section of the Cars On Line website for hundreds more for sale.

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