1970 Camaro RS SS 454 Top Deal of the Day

1970 Camaro RS SS 454

A 1970 Camaro RS SS 454 emerged as the top Deal of the Day when the Cars On Line newsletter was published today. (Click here to view the ad and photos.)┬áSome cars are for investing, and, then again, some cars are just for fun. This 1970 Camaro RS SS 454 is one of the latter. The seller from Glastonbary, Connecticut says it is a driver quality, or a “five-footer” in collector jargon. It looks pretty good from five feet away, but as you get closer to it it may show some flaws. He says it comes with an NOM 454 .30 over rebuilt with 500 miles, including a steel crank, and putting out 525 horsepower by conservative estimate. Yet it still runs on pump gas. The high performance setup on this drivetrain also includes a Turbo 400 automatic transmission, 12-bolt Posi, 4:10 gears, 3-inch exhaust, and a new Deluxe interior. You’ll notice that it comes with original 15×7 5-spoke wheels. The seller has provided a nice walk-around video of this hot Camaro. Click here to view and hear it run. For the road warrior who likes driving his cars more than looking at them, it is going to be our DEAL of the DAY on Saturday because it is listed at just $19,600.

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