2002 Laforza Spyder Targa


2002 Laforza Spyder Targa for Sale

This hand built, one-off 2002 Laforza Spyder Convertible sports car is an absolutely amazing creation that simply doesn’t happen in the modern world. It’s from Specialty Sales Classics of Pleasanton, California, and they tell us it’s a true one of one that runs on a ’96 Cadillac 32-valve Northstar V8. Click here to see the ad, or read what the seller had to say below.

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“You may be wondering, “What the heck is a Laforza Spider?”

Here’s where things get interesting. This ultra-exotic sports car is not a replica; it’s a hand-built, five year labor of love that was designed in Florida by a private owner that has gone out of his way to remain anonymous. His vision was to create a one-of-a-kind sports car that could seriously turn heads and outpace many of the faster production models on the road today, and it was designed on a mild tune steel frame with a hand-laid fiberglass body. The drivetrain, the suspension and every other aspect of this amazing vehicle were completed at ridiculously high standards, and it is a true one of one in the exotic sports car world.

In terms of condition, this 2002 Laforza Spyder shows minimal signs of wear over its 31k lifetime, but nothing to detract from its overall beauty. Our test drive lasted only a few miles but we had no less than 30 people staring in awe, with several of them asking, “What the heck is it?” We finally settled on saying that it was a one-off prototype that never made it to market…and you could literally see people falling in love with it as they pondered the possibilities.”

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