Super Rare 1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar

1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar

This week, Cars On discovered a super rare 1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar from the Yenko Registry listed in their famous Chevelle Section. (Click here to see the ad for yourself.) It is one of 99 Yenko Chevelles ever built, one of 28 automatics, and one of either one or two special ordered Monaco Orange cars with automatic Hurst Dual Gate shifter. Wow! It is way up there on the Yenko Chevelle food chain.

The Georgia man who owns the car points out that this 1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar is one of only a few known to exist. According to the Yenko Registry only 35 Yenko Chevelles are accounted for. The Yenko Chevelle was only produced in 1969. It was sold new by Minneman Chevrolet of Youngstown, Ohio. It’s an original double COPO 9562 and 9573 car.

Not only is it rare, but he says this 1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar has only 26,000 original miles on the odometer.

The seller indicates that the car was off the road from 1977 to 2005. Then it underwent a complete drivetrain rebuild in 2013 by Ricky Smith Restorations. The attention to detail to make it look exactly the way it would have looked off the GM assembly line is amazing. They show an L72 427 450 horsepower fully correct MP 512 replacement block under the hood with “correct 840 cylinder heads, correct 163 intake manifold, correct 4346 carburetor, correct 1111499 distributor, correct 837 alternator, correct radiator fan and shroud, correct KQ code 4:10 differential and correct CX code Turbo Hydromatic transmission.

These cars had a 427 cubic-inch engine producing 450 horsepower and were based on the standard Malibu. They included a high performance camshaft, a four-barrel Holley carburetor and a choice of a Muncie four-speed or Turbo Hydromatic transmission. A heavy-duty suspension, power disc brakes and a blacked-out grille were also part of the Yenko Super Car package.

Don Yenko decided to build the Yenko Chevelles in 1969 at his Chevrolet dealership in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania. But it was his main man Vince Piggins who actually promoted the idea.

It was the September 2007 feature car on the Supercar Registry front page. The seller says it is a true survivor. Although the body had been raised to restore the chassis, the body itself and trim are all in place just as it came from Yenko Chevrolet. Click through to the Slide Show ad on Cars On to see beautiful photos of the undercarriage.

Monaco orange was not a standard Malibu color for 1969, but about 14 Yenko Chevelles were produced in that color. It was popular and made the Yenko Chevelle stand out.

1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar

1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar

1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar

1969 Yenko Chevelle Supercar

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