1939 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window Coupe For Sale

1939 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window
When a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window Coupe with its elegant flowing lines was listed for sale this week we had no idea how rare it was.  (Follow this link to view the ad and dozens of photos.) This is one of only 30 such 3-Window Coupes left and it remains original after spending 22 years in the Lincoln Museum. We suspect that almost all of the stock original classic car editions of the Zephyr have been turned into street rods. The 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window is one of the most popular cars to customize because of its spectacular original design.
This car has been SOLD.
In its short lifetime the Lincoln Zephyr provided a second-level luxury lineup for Ford that filled the gap between the exclusive Lincoln K cars and the Ford Deluxe V8 models. Zephyrs were unique in their day because all the other cars on the road had the high B pillar look while the Lincoln Zephyr wowed auto enthusiasts with the Art Deco era smooth slanting rear design. They were the brainchild of Edsel Ford who sought to breath life into the staid Lincoln lineup. They were thought to be extremely modern with a low raked windscreen, integrated fenders with full integrated skirts to hide the wheel well, and aerodynamic design. While Chryslers Airflow never seemed to catch on with the buying public, automobile enthusiasts like the Zephyr’s flowing lines. Only 800 of the 3-Window Coupes were ever produced.
This rare 1939 Lincoln Zephyr is being offered for sale at Gateway Classic Cars’ new store in Tampa, Florida. They tell us that the V12 engine “runs like a sewing machine.” After its stint in the Lincoln museum it was purchased by a private collector and restored. They tell us it has had a comprehensive restoration to original condition. “Anything that you can see, touch or hear has been refurbished, restored or replaced.” they say. The car is a full numbers matching car that drives great. The steering and brakes are nice and tight, and they say you can depend on it for a nice easy cruise or on a long road trip. You can see dozens of photos on the ad page. Look for the cloth seat interior, and wide white wall tires.
1939 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window

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