Raven Black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang KK

Raven black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang

A Raven black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang is pictured at a local car show in a recent ad posted on Cars On Line.com. I know if it were to show up at my local car show there would be people with their jaws hitting the ground drooling over this pristine but primitive example of a real KK NASCAR muscle car.

Defying convention, the KK NASCAR 1969 Boss 429 Mustang was one of the most successful homologation stories in NASCAR history even though the revered Boss 9 Mustang never took the track in competition. The KK designation stands for Kar Kraft, a Detroit automotive specialty shop that Ford contracted with to design and convert the 1969 Mustangs into Boss 429 muscle cars. Ford muscle car afficianodos like to refer to these cars as Boss 9’s. Kind of like Ford muscle car slang.  They are the most sought after Ford muscle car of all time, even more highly tauted than the Shelby Mustangs produced by Carroll Shelby.

The Raven black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang which you see here is NASCAR KK 1991. It is for sale this week on the Cars On Line.com website. You can find the ad in Cars On Line’s Ford Muscle Car Section by scrolling down to 1969. (Click here to see the ad now.) The seller from Kent, Washington says it has an all original running gear and body panels including the original rolled front fenders. It is now showing a Buddy Bar Dual 4-barrel intake manifold, made exclusively for the Ford Drag teams back in the day. The Buddy Bar Dual 4-barrel is one of only 16 of these setups produced, highly desirable in its own right. It includes 600 cfm Holley carbs and a super rare Boss 429 dual 4-barrel air cleaner, which is the way these Buddy Bar Dual 4’s were set up back then. It should be noted that the seller says he has the original intake, exhaust manifold, carburetor and replica air cleaner and snorkel to put the engine compartment back to original. It will go with the car. The Raven black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang is equipped with headers by Stan and Flowmaster mufflers. The current owner notes that this was the car that the Boss 429 Forum used to fit headers on a Boss 429 to prove that you could add headers to a Boss 9 and still have power steering. This was the first time that had ever been done.

The seller says the Boss 429 engine has been completely rebuilt with roller cam and NOS O rings.  He says the heads have been completely rebuilt.

In order to get the KK Boss 429 motor certified for NASCAR competition Ford had to produce a street version of a car that used the Boss 429 big block Semi-Hemi engine. Although Ford raced this motor in the Torino Talladega in NASCAR, they believed they would sell more cars if they put the Boss 9 motor in their most popular seller, the Mustang Pony car for homologation. NASCAR required that for any motor to be run in NASCAR competition the factory had to sell at least 500 cars with that motor in it for street use. While Ford dominated NASCAR in 1969 with the Boss 9 motor, its greatest gift to the collector car market was its NASCAR KK 1969 Boss 429 Mustang muscle car.

Boss 429 engine

Kar Kraft had the difficult job of fitting the massive 429 big block underneath the hood of a Mustang. The task involved having to widen the space between the shock towers and move the front suspension mounts in order to make room for the engine. Although Ford rated the Semi Hemi engine at 375 horsepower it was pretty much assured that it was really around 500 horsepower. It was a handfull to pilot on a road course, but in a straight line it just couldn’t be beat. With the right setup it would do 10-second quarter-miles pretty consistently. That said, you can just imagine how fast the Boss 9 was when it had the Buddy Bar Dual-4’s package like this one. That’s what makes this car so special.

KK 1991 still has its original interior, which is represented to be flawless except for one little spot on drivers side seat. The seller notes that it has its all original Carlite glass.

The reason that Boss 429 Mustangs are a better investment than even the revered Shelby Mustangs is because so few of them were produced. In 1969, the first year of Boss 429 production, there were only 859 cars built at Kar Kraft, according to the Boss 429 Registry.

What cannot be overlooked is that it comes complete with all original factory sheet metal, including the rolled fenders, quarters and front valance. The seller says that his Boss 9 has been inspected by Mustang historian Ed Meyer.  The inspection paperwork will be available to review.

Raven black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang

Raven black 1969 Boss 429 Mustang

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