1981 Shay Thunderbird Authentic Replicar

1981 Shay Thunderbird

A company called Shay made Ford authorized replicas back in the early 1980’s. One of the very rare products they produced was a 1957 Ford Thunderbird replica which was very authentic to the originals. (Click this link to read the ad and see dozens of detailed photos.) The chassis was made by Ford and to it they added a fiberglass body. This one has a 2.3 4-cylinder engine and a 4-speed transmission. The top comes off to make it a convertible. Only two hundred of these cars were ever produced by Shay, so it becomes collectible and rare in its own right. Click here to view a walk-around video. The seller is Masterpiece Vintage Cars in Whiteland, Indiana. But you’d better hurry to get this one. It will be our DEAL of the DAY on the Cars On Line home page¬†on Saturday. The asking price is only $14,900.

Here is what Masterpiece Vintage Cars from Whiteland, Indiana had to say about the Shay replica:
“Only 200 of these vehicles were produced and sold by Shay.

This is a Shay Motor Company production vehicle out of Battlecreek Michigan. Only 200 chassis were purchased from Ford Motor Company, this one with a 2.3 4 cylinder and a 4-speed transmission. The car has a removable top to make it into a convertible in a matter of minutes by removing 4 thumbscrews and releasing 2 clips. After they purchased the chassis from Ford a fiberglass body was installed and all the 1955 Thunderbird chrome and bumpers were also installed. They were a little ahead of their time with a modern drive train and the classic 1955 Thunderbird look!

The 1981 Shay Thunderbird did come from a private collection and has been kept in climate controlled storage. The Shay runs and drives smoothly. Our staff have been over the car and checked all of the mechanicals and they all work as they should. The Shay was taken out for an extensive test drive and the 4 cylinder ran smooth and strong as expected. All of the fenders and panels are solid with very little wear, nicks or other age or wear marks. The Shay has been garage kept for the majority of its life and has only been a fair weather cruiser. Buffed, polished and very well maintained, which shows when you take it for a spin.”

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