2016 Nickey Super Camaro No. 001 For Sale

2016 Nickey Super Camaro

When Nickey Performance built their first 2016 Camaro Super Car this year it was born to be collectible. Car collectors don’t usually salivate over late model sports cars, but this one is different. This is car No. 001 of the 6th Generation of Nickey Camaros. (Click here to see it for sale with dozens of photos on the Nickey Performance website.) Anytime a collector has a chance to own the first car in a series it is a big deal.

In 2010, when Chevrolet brought back the retro Camaro, Nickey Performance inherited the right to revisit history.  Modern continuations such as this 2016 Camaro Super Car have created a whole new market for them. They build them the way their legendary namesake, Nickey Chevrolet, did back in the day.  Each Nickey Camaro is built to order utilizing the latest technology combined with the knowledge of the Nickey Performance team. That team includes Don Swiatek,  the original Nickey Hi-Performance Cars and Parts Manager. Nickey Performace also has Ronnie Kaplan as their racing crew chief and engineer.

When they designed and built the 2016 Camaro Super Car No. 001 they included the features of the Nickey Stage II package plus some performance and appearance package extras.

The engine leaves nothing to be desired. It draws 625 hp from the LS3 performance motor, but is still naturally aspirated. With Kooks headers and F.A.S.T. intake, this one has extensive headwork, a custom cam, cold-air intake, and engine-controller modifications. You will find it has Nickey CNC ported heads, Nickey special cam kit, performance intake with Hi-Flow fuel rails, and a custom tuned exhaust system.

2016 Nickey Super Camaro

But this custom custom Super Camaro build goes even further with  custom Forgeline C3 Nickey wheels, a vintage Hugger Orange paint job by Jeff Foster with gold-leaf embellishments by Brando Custom Striping, and more.

2016 Nickey Super Camaro

2016 Nickey Super Camaro

All vehicles built by Nickey Performance will carry special numbered identification plates as well as being registered in the Nickey Performance Registry.

History of Nickey Chevrolet

In 1925, Nickey opened and eventually became one of the largest automobile retailers in the Chicago area. Over time they also built the largest Hi-Performance parts shop in the world. By the 1960’s, they literally created the genre of what is now known as the Super Car. Before Don Yenko, Joel Rosen or Fred Gibb, there was Nickey Chevrolet.

When Chevrolet Motors came out with the all new 1967 Camaro, the Nickey crew, under the guidance of legendary racer Dickie Harrell, was the first to install a 427 engine under the hood of a Camaro. By putting in the most powerful engine that “the Chevrolet factory would not install” themselves, Nickey quickly became recognized world-wide as the place to buy the ultimate muscle machine. Offering upgrades in Stage I, Stage II and wild Stage III configurations, they were able to build a reputation and notoriety in the hot muscle car wars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Nickey quickly established themselves as the leader in the high performance and muscle car world.

The Nickey Chevrolet dealership was sold in 1973, and the surviving Nickey Chicago performance operation disappeared in 1977. It was revived in 2002 by car collector Stefano Bimbi, who managed to hire Swiatek, who was the hi-performance manager of the original Nickey Chevrolet operation during the glory years.

Only time will tell for sure, but this 2016 Nickey Super Camaro is likely to be a top collector car some day. Will it be worth seven figures? No one knows. But if a 2016 sports car can reach those numbers, it will be this one.


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