The Mickey Weise Dart, 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart LO23 Super Stock Race Car

Mickey Weise Dart

The Mickey Weise Dart, a 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart LO23 Super Stock is one of only 80 lightweight purpose-built race cars from Dodge that year. These cars are considered to be the fastest muscle cars ever made. At under 3,000 pounds, they could run 10’s at 130 miles per hour.

This one was sold new to Harry Holton Racing. Holton was legendary on the racing scene as an engine builder. The car was campaigned by Harry Holton and Mickey Weise on the West Coast in SS/AA for that first year. In 1969, Holton and Weise parted ways. While Holton took over the business, Weise got the car. Weise campaigned the LO23 car until 1974. When he sold the car in 1974 it was stored in a warehouse for 10 years. Eventually Weise and the LO23 were reunited in the mid-1980’s and he campaigned the car again until 2000.

It was then on display at the NHRA Museum in Pomona in 2001. Mattel toy campany made a Hot Wheels model of the car.

Weise is said to have sold the car to a race car collector in Buffalo, New York. This person spared no expense in restoring the car. It is currently for sale at The Auto Collections in Las Vegas, Nevada. They say it remains with its original body panels, never cut or heavily modified. They say it is a documented nostalgia race car.

Weise Hemi Dart

The Mickey Weise Dart and another 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart LO23 Super Stock called The Demented Dart are both for sale at The Auto Collections. To have one LO23 Hemi Dart for sale is rare. But to have two in your inventory? Amazing.

Here is a video of both cars at a recent Cars and Coffee event in Las Vegas. Hear the sound of those 426 with dual quad wedge heads.


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