1937 Packard Twelve Roadster Coupe

1937 Packard Twelve Roadster Coupe

The 1937 Packard Twelve Roadster Coupe is viewed by many expert collectors as the finest American automobile ever manufactured in the U.S. This was the 15th Series Packard Twelve which came with Safe-T-Flex  independent front suspension, four-wheel vacuum-assisted hydrauic brakes and a synchromesh transmission. Of all the pre-war Packards, this one was the most fun to drive.  

1937 was a big year for Packard. The company was continuing its philosophy of a car for every class, and customers had an incredible 50 different models from which to choose. Packard produced 122,593 cars in 1937. This was the peak year of Packard production. However, it is thought that 90 percent of that number were 115 ci 6-cylinder or 120 8-cylinder models. The Packard Twelve continued to be the top model in luxury, speed and style with the L-head 473 ci V12 engine rated at 175 horsepower courtesy of improved carburetion. Out of the total production, 1,300 Packard Twelve chassis would be constructed for the 1937 model year. A dozen different bodies would be used on the Twelve chassis, from full scale limousines to Roadster Coupes. Packard enthusiasts are quick to point out the tasteful lines of the Coupe Roadster, with its convertible top and rumble seat, exhibited an incredible combination of style and performance. Only 69 Twelve Coupe Roadsters were constructed for 1937, highly sought-after by some of the world’s most elite collectors. All were produced at the famous Detroit plant. Most of the v12’s had bodies produced at the Packard factory. A few received bodies by such stylists and builders as Dietrich and  LeBaron.
The Packard Twelve chassis were produced from 1933 until 1939, with total production for the period set at around 35,000. 

The 1937 Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster featured here is finished in one of the most stunning color combinations of the day: Classic Rich Loam Light Gold with a gorgeous Sable Brown leather interior and matching convertible top. (See dozens of photos displayed at this link.) It was delivered new in Hollywood, California, and to this day, still retains its original firewall data tag. Just released from long-term ownership in a private collection, this car will be fresh on the market. So says Daniel Schmitt & Company, the classic car gallery in St Louis which is currently selling this marque. Rarely is a car this important and with such provenance offered to the public. Often, vintage motorcars like this one are only traded between private collections. 

The options on this 1937 Packard Twelve Roadster Coupe include: dual sidemount spares, rumble seat with assist steps, luggage rack with factory Packard trunk, spot lamp, Trippe Safety Lights and whitewall tires. Notice the “golf club compartment” just behind the passenger door, a special touch for exclusive clientele. The Classic Car Club Association has noted this marque for its excellent restoration work. 
 1937 Packard Twelve Roadster V12 engine
A recipient of a concours level restoration, this Packard Twelve also had its engine recently rebuilt by a marquee specialist. Under that long front hood is a V12 side-valve engine which was remarkable for how powerful and smooth it ran. During those pre-war years written about by so elequently by F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The Great Gatsby”, the Packard L-head V12 was considered faster than the V-16 Cadillacs and Pierce Arrows. 
Daniel Schmitt & Company, out of St Louis, Missouri, says it performs wonderfully. They herald it as one of the very best Packard Twelve Coupe Roadsters on the market today. (Find the ad by Daniel Schmitt & Company at this link.) 
Year: 1937
Make: Packard
Model: Twelve
Color: Rich Loam Light Gold
VIN: 1039212
Mileage: 1,686
Stock Number: 406810
Packard Twelve Engine: 473 ci, 180 HP
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Style: Coupe Roadster
1937 Packard Twelve Roadster V12

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