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8 Great Celebrity Car Collections

Which celebrity car collector has the best collection? Here is your opportunity to choose. Click on the celebrity names below each photo to see their cars. Designate your favorite by clicking the bullet next to their names. Then click the “Vote” button at the bottom of the form to register your vote. 

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1. Tim Allen

Our first celebrity car collection is owned by Tim Allen. He invites GQ to tour his garage, showing us everything from a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C to a 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement.

2. Floyd Mayweather

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather invited ESPN to his garage in 2015, where he boasts a celebrity car collection valued in excess of $15 Million. Among the cars garaged there were a Ferrari Enzo, said to be one of only 11 in the United States.  Although the Enzo was sold to make room for an even more exotic car, here is a video done at Towbin Motors, one of the suppliers of exotic cars for Mayweather. Towbin Motorcars told USA Today that they’ve sold the champ over 100 cars during the last 18 years.

3. John Cena

Popular WWE star, John Cena, has an impressive history with cars.  Sportskeeda reports that Cena’s first car was a 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville. He’s since added dozens of classic muscle cars including a 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360, a ’70 Cardinal Red Pontiac GTO Judge, and a 1969 Dodge Daytona. See the full list in the feature here.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

It should come as no surprise that The Terminator has an “explosive” celebrity car collection. Thrillist once listed some of Schwarzenegger’s collection as including everything from a Porsche 911 Turbo to an M47 Patton Tank! Get the full collection here.

5. Bill Goldberg

Former WWE wrestler and pro football player, Bill Goldberg clearly knows and has a passion for car collecting. His garage boasts a 1970 Boss 429 “Lawman” Mustang, the only automatic 429 in the world. Don’t miss the tour he gave GQ below.

6. James Hetfield

Metallica’s James Hetfield graced The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, with a custom-bodied ’34 Packard, dubbed “Aquarius” No doubt, it’s a gorgeous auto, and it’s just one of his expansive collection. He also has a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr called “Voodoo Priest,” and a 1948 Jaguar called “Black Pearl.” See more in the Maxim feature here.

7. Ralph Lauren

Forbes says Ralph Lauren’s 70+ car collection is among the most beautiful in the world. It might be one of the most valuable too, coming in at an estimated $300 Million. His collection has a 1929 Bentley 4.5-liter ‘Blower’, ridden at the world’s oldest car race, a 1955 Mercedes Gullwing, and a prized Bugatti 57SC Atlantic of 1938. Read the Forbes feature here for more of his collection.

8. Jay Leno

Jay Leno’s YouTube channel Jay Leno’s Garage is a favorite place for any gearhead to sit down and get lost for a few hours. Leno’s collection is almost impossibly massive and he shows his passion when he talks about it. Business Insider put together a list of their 25 favorite of Leno’s cars. They include a legendary McLaren F1, a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, a 1966 Yenko Stinger, and many, many more.

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