1969 COPO Camaro L72 427 Documented Original

1969 COPO Camaro L72 427

A well documented 1969 COPO Camaro L72 427 is featured in this week’s edition of the Cars-On-Line newsletter. There are few examples which score as highly in national Camaro shows as this one. A top Camaro expert calls it a concours quality Camaro with attention to detail.

Tapping into Cars-On-Line.com’s reach in the collector car community, a private seller from Boise, Idaho is offering his 1969 COPO Camaro L72 427 for sale on Cars-On-Line.com this week. It retains an original 512 block, original code BE rear end, and shows 95,047 original miles. The seller says there are only 26 miles on the car since the restoration. In his description he says it has been restored to “concours quality”. (Follow this link to view more see further documentation and history on this COPO Camaro.)

The restoration was performed by Custom Classics and authenticated by world-reknowned Camaro expert Jerry MacNeish.This car was discovered in rough shape in a barn in Wisconsin where it was “exhumed” and brought to Custom Classics to begin an extensive 3-year restoration. Once the car arrived at Custom Classics,  Camaro expert Jerry MacNeish was hired and flown out to authenticate the car. MacNeish has been a member of all the national Camaro organizations including the United State Camaro Club, the International Camaro Club, American Camaro Association and Diamond Judge. He is also involved with the prestigious ICC Red White & Blue Certification, and Legend Certification, two of the highest rated Camaro judging programs in the world. He certified that this was a true COPO, gave advice, and was involved in sourcing parts during the 3 year restoration. After the car was completed Jerry was hired to inspect the final product. It has been IAAA Certified with appraisal and authentication by the MacNeish company, CAMARO HI-PERFORMANCE, INC.

Here is what MacNeish had to say:
“This 1969 Camaro, vin #124379N662520 has been certified by Camaro Hi-Performance. According to our data base and historical Chevrolet records, this car is a L72 COPO 427-425 horsepower V-8 with Muncie 4-speed transmission and factory BE 12-bolt rear axle. This Camaro and trim ID have been certified as real and authentic. COPO identification can be quantified by the following: Muncie transmission speedometer cable hold location, X11 body, hole piercing above the fuse box for ZL2 hood grommet and wiring, and tail pipe adapter plate welded on the original left side rear frame rail. The original frame rails were photographed and documented at the time of my first inspection. Norwood body numbers will usually (but not always) follow a sequence pattern with 427 Camaros produced at the Norwood plant. Summary: the car falls into the concourse restored category with nice attention to detail. Exact COPO production numbers are not known but it’s believed that approx. 1000 were produced. This car was found in a barn in the Wisconsin area.”

The 1969 COPO Camaro L72 427 was shown at the 2009 and 2010 American Camaro Bowtie Class Nationals. In June of 2010, it scored a gold award with 991 out of 1000 points. It also has achieved a Concours Gold Certificate from the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in 2009. In March 2010, Jerry MacNeish gave his ultimate blessing by presenting the car with the Camaro High Performance Inc, Certificate of Authenticity. These are not given out lightly and prove beyond a doubt that the car is being correctly represented. All awards and documentation are included with the car.

This car, as you can imagine, was finished perfectly with LeMans blue paint and perfectly correct interior. The M-21 Muncie 4-speed was redone by Advantage Transmission and as many of the original parts were saved and restored as possible.The documentation with this car is extensive. All restoration photos, inspection documents, awards, pictures of all numbers and Jerry MacNeish Certification are available to view.


Trim Tag Data
Build Date: 06A
Paint Code: 71-71
Option Codes: X11
NOR #: 362044
Trim Code: 711

1969 COPO Camaro L72 427

Engine: T0528MN assembly date, #512 block, casting date: E239, 427/435HP V-8 engine

Transmission: P9E19B assembly date, #660 trans. case, M-21 Muncie 4 speed trans., vin stamped 19N662520

Rear Axle: BE0610g assembly date, 12 bolt HD rear axle, 4.10 Positract, #860NF housing, casting date E289, original BE rear

There are pictures available of every number on this car.

Component data:
Voltage regulator, dated 9B  1100837
Alternator, dated 9E17 
Hidden VIN number stamping is original, this car has not been re-bodied 
#772 fan blade, dated C69 
#4346 carburetor, dated 944?
#8418 starter motor, dated 9E13

Options:  D80 spoiler equipment 
COPO 9561 AA high performance unit, (427-425hp engine)  G80 positraction, HD 4.10 ratio, J52 power disc brakes,  M21 Muncie 4-speed transmission,  N40 power steering,  U63 AM radio,  Z21 style trim group,  ZL2 special ducted hood.

1969 COPO Camaro L72 427

1969 COPO Camaro L72 427

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