First Generation Mustang Convertible Picked Deal of the Day

first generation mustang convertible picked Deal of the Day

When published its newsletter this week a first generation Mustang convertible emerged as one of the best values in this current collector car market. A classic car dealer known as Cool Cars in Pompany Beach, Florida offers the 1966 Ford Mustang for sale at a significant discount to the average value according to today’s collector car market prices. (Readers may want to see more photos in Cool Car’s presentation on this car listed on the COL website.) The crimson ragtop collector car makes a tempting target for Mustang collectors as singles it out as being Sunday’s DEAL of the DAY. 

There is no question that first generation Mustang convertible classics are a hot commodity for car collectors. But there are so many classic Mustangs available in today’s market that the values have not escalated. Recently top early Mustang show cars are valued in the $34,000 to $35,000 range at national collector car auctions. For the un-schooled it may seem that those values are rather low on a scale with other popular classic vehicles. When you find one such as this 1966 Mustang Convertible being offered here by Cool Cars at a discount to those values, you have to take notice. It is red with a black convertible top and black interior. Originally it was a six cylinder car from the factory but now has a 289 ci V8. With a price of just $22,995, it will be Cars-On-Line’s DEAL of the DAY on Sunday. The popular classic car website tells its readers to make sure to have this car inspected before they buy. (You can find their Classic Car Inspection Referral Service here.) 

The DEAL of the DAY preview is published each week in the COL newsletter when on its regular Friday publication date. It gives you first shot at all the cars that will be highlighted in the DEAL of the DAY feature on the Cars On Line home page during the coming week. Often these cars sell in the newsletter before they even make it to the home page! You’ll always see them here first, though. 

To see a preview of this week’s DEALs of the DAY, follow this link to the fresh newsletter. 

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