Classic Z/28 Camaro Tribute For Sale

Classic Z/28 Camaro

The first generation classic Z/28 Camaro  is so popular that this week listed an ad on their website which they say is the best deal on the internet. When they published their newsletter today they announced that a 1968 Z/28 Camaro tribute would be their DEAL of the DAY this week. Even though it is a clone, and not an original classic Z/28 Camaro, it is so affordably priced that it is causing quite a stir among first generation Camaro buyers. 

“Although we are not often impressed with tribute cars,” observed in their newsletter,  “muscle car tributes are in vogue, mainly because originals are too valuable to drive often. So today people look to muscle car clones for their everyday drivers.” You have to admit that today’s featured DEAL of the DAY, a 1968 Camaro Z/28 tribute, is stunning in a white finish. (Follow this link to view dozens of high resolution photos posted by American Classic Car Sales, a classic car dealer in Sarasota, Florida. They have their post hosted at their website but are also advertising it on the website to get exposure to collector car buyers for their classic Z/28 Camaro.

Paint job? Well the whole car is just driver quality. They don’t want you to think they are attempting to oversell it. But American Classic Car Sales does tell us that it runs like a dream. The photos do a good job of telling you the condition. Just average driver quality, mid-No. 3 condition from the looks of it. That’s why you might want to have it inspected to find out if there are more major problems we don’t see in the photos. But at this price we have it for our DEAL of the DAY. They are asking $26,500.

The DEAL of the DAY preview gives you first shot at all the cars that will be highlighted in the DEAL of the DAY feature on the Cars On Line home page. Often these cars sell in the newsletter before they even make it to the home page! You’ll always see them here first though.

So click here to preview all of this week’s upcoming DEALs of the DAY as they are reviewed in this week’s newsletter. 

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