First Generation Ford Thunderbird

first generation Ford Thunderbird

Prices on first generation Ford Thunderbird classics have been resilient for car collectors. Even though the classic car market is seeing downward trending movement in classic car values these days, a first generation Ford Thunderbird remains an important hobby car for collectors. That’s why has chosen a 1955 Ford Thunderbird as its top DEAL of the DAY for next week. (Follow this link to view photos and hitory on the classic T-Bird.) readers are used to hearing the saying, “If you find a nice first generation Ford Thunderbird roadster for under $30,000 … buy it.” That has been their motto for the last ten years or more. But there is one proviso that they insist on … the T-Bird should be a strong No. 3 condition car or better. Here is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird being offered for sale by a private seller from Whittier, California. He says it has the original 292 V8 with a 3-speed overdrive transmission. He indicates that it has a very straight body and current tags, and that it runs excellent. The interior is custom modified. He discloses that it has been very well maintained. This is one that should be inspected to verify whether it is a true No. 3 condition car. But hurry! The asking price is very attractive at $21,800.

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