Deal of the Day Pick

Deal of the Day Pick

The collector car market is buzzing about the Deal of the Day pick for Saturday this week. A 1972 Chevelle SS classic muscle car is being offered for sale for just $27,500. It was chosen to be the Deal of the Day on the internet by in their Friday newsletter. 

A rather interesting 1972 Chevelle SS was in the new listings offered by in its weekly edition of the COL newsletter. They referred to the price as being “spectacular.” It was posted for sale by Haggle Me, which is a classic car broker selling the car for one of their clients. They come up with some interesting deals once in a while and this is one of them. They say the Chevelle Super Sport is an authentic SS with build sheet and Protecto plate. (Follow this link to review photos and ad copy on this car.) The 350 sbc engine is NOM with mild hydraulic cam and they say it sounds impressive. The ad lists GM front disc brakes, 12-bolt rear axle, “amazing sounding” dual exhaust and Day 2 Hotrod Cragar S/S wheels. The tachameter works, and it has bucket seats and a console.  

Chevelle Super Sports (SS) are among the most popular classic muscle cars in the U.S. They are relatively low priced compared to many other models of performance cars from the 1960s and early 1970s. But they are extemely popular with Chevrolet fans. 

Every week, the Cars-On-Line newsletter announces the Deal of the Day Pick candidates for the coming week. The newsletter is published every Friday afternoon and is followed closely be car collectors the world over. For a preview of all of this week’s Deals of the Day you can follow this link to the most recent newsletter. 


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