1935 Auburn 876 Speedster Makes Deal of the Day

1935 Auburn 876 Speedster

When a 1935 Auburn 876 Speedster was listed for sale on the Cars-On-Line website this week, no one would have thought that such a desirable classic would be the Deal of the Day on the internet. But when the Cars-On-Line newsletter came out on Friday, that is exactly what happened. The reason? The price is so low, almost anybody could afford it. 

Here is the “sleeper deal of the week” from Beverly Hills Car Club in Los Angeles. You won’t find opportunities like this to come along very often. This is a 1935 Auburn 876 Speedster replica which has been sitting in storage for quite some time. (Click here to review dozens of detailed photos of the classic reproduction.)  Cars like this can often be seen at car shows where the owner wants over $100,000 for such a detailed reproduction. Originally from California, it comes with white paint, red fenders, and white and red interior (see it in the photos.) Also in the photos you will note an automatic transmission, V8 engine, Edelbrock intake manifold, M/T valve covers, soft top, front-wheel disc brakes, and wire wheels. What a find. It has been chosen as the Deal of the Day on the Cars-On-Line home page feature for this Sunday. (Honestly, it might be sold before it ever makes it to the Sunday feature.) The asking price is only $12,750. 

The Deal of the Day is a popular feature on the Cars-On-Line home page. Each week when the Cars-On-Line newsletter is published they give readers a preview of all the Deals of the Day for the coming week. You will always find them in the newsletter before they even get displayed in the home page feature. Click here to review all of the Deals of the Day for the coming week. 


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