1962 Ford Thunderbird Chosen Deal of the Day

As popular as the 1962 Ford Thunderbird was, it is encouraging to find one that you can afford in this current collector car market. Prices on many collector cars are going up. Yet here is one you can still acquire at an affordable price. This one has been chosen to be the Cars-On-Line Deal of the Day on the internet next week. You have to see the photos to believe the condition. 

What an attractive car the 1962 Ford Thunderbird was. With its aerodynamic “airplane like” appearance and luxury interior, you can see why upscale new car buyers wanted to show it off at the country club back in the day. This one in Corinthian White is being offered for sale by Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta. (Tap this link to view dozens of detailed photos on their ad page.)  This car personified “jet age” America. A heavy car, it had that luxury ride you want in an American classic. The big 390 ci engine was more than enough power to make it feel like it was floating down the street. Isn’t it amazing that you can still acquire a collector car like this one for a bargain price? It will be the Deal of the Day at midweek this coming week. The asking price is $14,900.

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  1. jody November 24, 2021 at 1:36 pm #

    my mother drove every style change of the Thunderbird from 57 through the 80s’ Always loved the 60-63s. great car designs until the gas crunch then they made them SO BUTT UGLY. Whose Idea was THAT?

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